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§ Swearing On My Father's Name §

for Tony Redgrave

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Name: Psi Yamaneko
Livejournal: Psi Yamaneko
Disclaimer: Dante and related characters © Capcom Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Character Name: Dante (No recognized surname. Also goes by “Tony Redgrave”)
Series: Devil May Cry (Cutscenes from the First Game-fear the voice acting and writing like you do the Apocalypse. The Animated Series)
Timeline: Shortly after the events of the first game
Gender: Male
Chip Status: Removed
Age: 28
Species: Half-devil
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Alignment Chaotic Good
Discedo Housing: The Devil May Cry
Appearance: Dante has wide, almond-shaped eyes. They typically glimmer with mischievous curiosity and are mostly an icy blue. When he is irate they light up a bright red. He has soft, feathery white hair that shines silver in some lights. It used to be relatively short but he let it grow out some and now his hair falls over his eyes from time to time and he is constantly pushing it aside.
Dante’s features are Caucasian. He has a roundish, youthful, heart-shaped face, an elegant nose and a wide mouth that lends itself quite well to smiling. While his complexion is fairly pale, it does not appear unhealthy.
He is a tall fellow with the body of an athlete. At his full height, he is about 6'1". He is sinewy and has an artist's hands but the feet of a basketball player. Going with his intimidating frame is a high constitution. He doesn't get sick very easily.
Dante's signature garment is a bright red, oversized velvet duster with a few too many buckles on it. Beneath it he also wears a black silk shirt and a red leather vest with matching pants. No matter what, he enjoys red.

Personality: Dante's Enneagram Personality Type is Type 8: The Challenger. Dante is warm-hearted and kind, albeit scatter-brained at times, and he accepts everyone as they are, even if he does not always express this.
One of the most immediately recognizable traits he has is a dark, almost black sense of humor and an extremely high opinion of himself. He excels at what he does and he knows it. His cocky attitude and tendency to badmouth his enemies is part of what defines him. However, beneath this he has surprising amounts of depth. Some of his abrasiveness comes from a desire to keep people at a distance both for his own protection and theirs.
Dante's father was a defender of humanity which is a mantle Dante also chooses to wear and he can be surprisingly empathetic towards some of the humans he encounters, even though he feels the human species is more capable of evil than demons are. The state of the human species grieves him deeply and he mourns them from time to time in his own way. He also has his own strict system of honor; he will never kill a human opponent if he can avoid it, he will not fight an opponent that is defenseless, he will rarely start a fight but will always finish one, and if a target shows signs of possible redemption he may spare its life.
Dante adheres to his own moral code which, though good, is not always in agreement with the rest of society. He will purposefully undermine authority and destroy public property if it means getting the job done and if a job does not suit his interest, he will not pick it up at all. With this as a guiding principle he frequently comes across as fickle. Which he is; he has a child-like tendency to drop projects the minute they become boring. He also tends to drop lovers just as easily so he has some extreme problems with commitment. Sometimes this leads people into thinking that he's a womanizer. Really, he's just a giant flirt. He actually has a lot of respect for women, coming from a single parent household. However, since he ultimately views all women as being his mother in his subconscious, he has horrible luck with them. They are all always in need of protection or are saintly beings worthy of being followed in his mind and this makes him susceptible to traps.
Dante can be fussy sometimes and has his moments of being high-maintenance. He adapts to things quickly and rarely gets himself into situations that he can't charm or fight his way out of. But those frightening situations do happen sometimes and, when they do, they happen loudly. Hell hath no fury like a Cambion scorned. Or rather, Hell hath no fury like Dante throwing a tantrum. He has a steep violent streak that cannot be denied and vents anger and frustration on the creatures he defeats or on harmless household objects that subsequently break under his blows. He is also prone to a flippant attitude and generally enjoys rubbing people the wrong way. Despite his devotion to what he does, he can be surprisingly lazy and if nothing is happening to engage him on every level of his being, he is likely to sleep straight through even major events.
Dante's own self is his weakness in conversation. He loves to be the center of attention but he loathes talking about his past. For him, his demonic heritage is a touchy subject. He partially resents his father for leaving him with the furies of hell to deal with, even though he finds great sport in his work.
Despite his open, friendly demeanor and youthful exuberance, Dante can be a dangerous person to know. His demonic nature will occasionally surface and, while no humans are usually harmed, these feral outbursts can be frightening.

Abilities: Dante’s abilities stem mostly from racial attributes. He regenerates health quickly, and can recover from grievous injury in moments. Neither impaling his heart, nor shooting him through the forehead can kill him and he can literally laugh off damage caused by mundane weapons. On top of his regenerative capabilities he is a skilled and extremely agile fighter. He can jump two stories straight up from a standing position, run up walls, knock enemies into the air and keep them there under a stream of heavy fire. He is also capable of using just about any melee weapon he finds from swords to nunchaku to battle axes to improvised weapons like chairs and billiard balls. His strength is such that he is known to be able to hew his own way through solid stone. Dante has also shown himself to be immune to crushing blows and can survive drops from nearly any height unharmed. He channels demonic power into his handguns, meaning he never runs out of ammo, and he can sense other demonic energies nearby, even if they are stealthed. He has an enhanced sense of sight and smell, extremely quick reflexes, and the ability to “Trigger”.
Tiggering is often an involuntary act on Dante’s part. When “Triggered” his demonic half dominates and he grows scales and becomes a monstrous creature of immense power. His demonic form can utilize infernal energies, regenerates health faster than his humanoid form, and is capable of flight and awe-inspiring feats of strength. The Trigger cannot be sustained for longer than a few minutes at the best of times before Dante’s well of energy is used up and he reverts back to his normal form. By slaying demonic enemies, he can gain Devil Arms that also change his shape and elemental attributes upon Triggering, though these forms are generally not as powerful as his true one. (Assuming special triggers off Demonic PCs subject to mod and player input, of course, if it does ever happen) Read more...

Weaknesses: While he is indeed powerful, Dante is not unkillable. Sustained damage over a long period of time will barely leave a scratch however massive amounts of frontloaded damage can harm him faster than he can regenerate, which forces his body into Triggering. After the Trigger is burned out, Dante is on the verge of a standing coma and must throw himself into battle again before he can charge his Trigger back up. Explosive damage, or any form of attack that would immediately shred his body can kill him before he even has a chance to Trigger. Impaling him upon certain forms of magical weapons causes his soul to "black out", leaving him catatonic. This is especially true when the attacker is Vergil, though in the anime (which is considered canon), Abigail has also accomplished this.
He is also not immune to psychological torment, despite his stress-free attitude and avoids killing humans, no matter how sinister, out of a sense of personal ethic.

History: There isn't much to say regarding Dante's history since, when he's asked about it, he tends to run it into other subjects and change the flow of the conversation. About half of it is shadowed in mystery and most of it is still under dispute in canon. Because of that, this history will be brief, possibly to the point of inaccuracy.
Dante was born as one half of a set of twins, the other being Vergil, who was a few minutes older. Dante's earliest memory is of being in the womb with his brother. Neither of the twins had their full power when they were little and neither knew their father very well outside of stories, though it was Vergil who inherited most of the paternal traits.
Sparda passed when the twins were little, or before they were born. He launched an uprising against Mundus, the World Fiend, and eventually claimed victory on the behalf of humans and sealed the powers of the Nine Hells away from the Material Plane, binding away his own power in doing so. Sparda did not, however, seal his power into the unsummoning but rather into a pair of talismans that, when linked together, had the power to reopen the gateway to Hell. Those talismans went to his sons. The essence of his power went into the blade called Force Edge.
When Dante was still a little boy the Darkness came; a flock of raging Devils that intended to take revenge on the family of Sparda. The prophecy had said that, two thousand years after the Binding, Mundus would awaken again and have to do battle with Sparda's half-blooded son. So, the easy solution was to kill this son before he could mature. The Demons were apparently unaware that the "son" was actually born as twins so, after they had slain Eva, Vergil fled, leading the demons away from his brother. Vergil was pulled into Darkness and Dante was left in the human world to fend for himself.
The twins never again saw eye to eye.
Years passed and the twins eventually grew into their Cambion powers, learning infernal and magical arts that went beyond any human ability.
Dante eventually decided that he would travel the world slaying demons in the hope that someday he'd stumble across the one that killed his mother. Operating under the alias of "Tony Redgrave", Dante's skills became well known and sought after. He was also known, however, to destroy handguns under the pressure of his rate of fire. A skilled gunsmith crafted him Ebony and Ivory to alleviate this problem before being killed. Using his powers, Dante was able to channel energy into these new guns, so that he never ran out of ammo.
With the help of a drunk named Enzo he managed to rent out an apartment as a place to start up his business. He was just settling into this new swing of things when a bald, odd-eyed man, walked in claiming to be an agent of his brother. When Dante reacted to this the man left and called upon some fiends to keep the Cambion busy which worked for about five seconds. Dante rushed out into the streets only to sneeze and cause a slight vibration that was enough to knockout the weak beams in his office and collapse the building. And if that was not bad enough the ground to the west ruptured and the Demon Tower, Temen-ni-Gru, rose up from its depths. He went forth to explore the tower, encountering a fiend named Jester and a lovely woman that refused to give him her name so he just called her "Lady". Her actual name was Mary. The man, it turned out, was Mary's father Arkham who had sacrificed her mother in a quest to attain Godhood. He hoped to channel the spirit of Sparda and to do that he cozied up to Vergil who was after Dante's pendant so that he could reopen the seal and dance with his ancestors.
Dante charged through Temen-ni-Gru like a madman, slaying devils as he went. He eventually locked blades with Vergil near the top of the tower and lost the fight when Vergil stabbed him through the stomach with Force Edge then impaled him through the heart fully, killing him. Dante's dying body twisted itself around the blade and he Devil Triggered for the first time, feeling his blood boil.
Mary, too, ran through the tower and she found out, at the same time as the Cambions, that her father had already figured out the Infernal ability to alter shape and had been using the Jester guise to lead everyone around blindly.
The whole mess of a situation ended on a dramatic note on the other side of the Cosmic Seal when Arkham attempted to assume a Sparda-form which insulted Dante and Vergil enough that they united their powers against him and casted him down to Material Prime. Arkham struck the top of the Temen-ni-Gru and he struck hard but not enough to die. It was his vengeful daughter who finished him off by burying a bullet between his eyes.
This left the Twins. Vergil and Dante circled each other on the other side of the Seal like a pair of great cats and finally clashed. All of the Greater Fiends that Dante had slain and who had, in dying, devoted their power to him as Fiends do, were unable to help him keep up with Vergil and the Yamato. Nevertheless, Dante managed to overpower his brother.
He wept at Vergil's supposed passing and opened up his office Devil May Cry. His business became known to those who knew it. It was a few years later that he was visited by a strange woman named Trish who invited him to come to an island called "Mallet" to slay Mundus, the World Fiend, who was planning a return to the human world.Dante leaped at the chance to kill the creature he blamed for the death of his family and while exploring the castle on the island, he repeatedly brushed against a being called "Nero Angelo" that he soon found to be Vergil. After slaying Vergil and gathering his half of the pendant, the Force Edge unveiled its true power and became the Sparda.
Trish, however, was not what she seemed to be. She turned out to be an infernal construct, created in the image of Dante's mother to sway him into coming to the island. Though he was offered the chance to kill her, Dante saved her life when Mundus moved to strike her down for failing his orders. She later returned the favor after Dante was wounded, and took a direct attack on his behalf. Over come by raw emotion at her sacrifice, Dante triggered and attacked Mundus. Both combatants collapsed into a lower-order dimension and when Dante emerged victorious he sat by Trish's fallen body, leaving the sword and pendant at her side. Mundus reemerged into the world and cornered the Cambion before he could escape the island but Trish rose and came to his aid. Together, they destroyed the creature and left the island. They operated together for a while but eventually broke off into different directions, feeling they had more to offer and were more mobile working apart.

Roleplaying Journal for Discedo by Psi Yamaneko. Profile code by Psi Yamaneko.